Fabric swatch carry on bags 2

DIY: Fabric Swatch Carry On Bag

Summer is finally here. Yaaaaaay. And good things always come along with summer. The sun, the beach, cold drinks and festivals. I love the festival period because you can get to buy stuff, taste different food and if you are a craftie like me, get the chance to show off your skills and make some cool cash too.

After the Fundraising event at Port Stanley,, I started prepping for the events I hope to be a part of  in London, Ontario. So logistics is high priority now to ensure that I make customers so happy they come back again. But at the same time, I would really like to save some money while doing that as my budget is really tiny.

Luckily for me, my former landlady, Jane Ebbs, the fabulous Interior Designer for Interior Accents, had a stash of awesome fabric swatches and gave me a carton full of them.

Now, the original plan was to make purses and bags with them. However, I still haven’t bought the sewing machine my eyes have been on and I am still recovering from the skirt I hand-stitched ( I still haven’t finished it).


Also, I don’t want to use glue to make them because I would really like to have the stitches as part of the design of the purses.  So my carton has been sitting there, waiting for me to have a light bulb moment…and I did.

I saw some paper bags with paper handles and I realised that I could actually turn my Fabric swatch carry on bags 3fabrics to these bags for my customers. I mean, with a huge gift like that, I can make a whole bunch and still have some for my purses. Cool, right? I know. And the best part, they are really easy to make. So easy that I was able to make video tutorials on them.

Now, what you need are:

Fabric Swatches



Glue Gun

Craft Glue


The videos are right here.

If you want the handles to last much longer, you can coat them in varnish. This would also give them a nice glossy shine and feel as well.

Fabric swatch carry on bags

The best part of this is that no customer would have the same bag, I have saved some money, reduced my carbon foot print, saved a tree somewhere and gave new life to what many would consider waste. High five, Amsa! You go, girl!!

Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorials. Please leave comments and share and have an awesome week.

Stay Artsy.

God Bless.

Two Girls and An Elephant

Music, Art and Africa

Oh wow. It has been busy these past weeks and I am finally just getting the chance to sit, relax and write. No, no need to go on and on about how great this past weekend was… Ok, maybe I will share a little.

For the first time in recent years, I  got to participate in an event as an artist and jewelry designer. And it was great.

The event “Music, Art and Africa” was organized by founders of Two Girls and An Elephant, Jacquie Gauthier and Alicia Fordyce to raise funds for the Art and Music Camp, a project of Canadian Aid For South Sudan. There was an art exhibition, a silent auction, book signing and great music from Denise Pelley.


It was wonderful to see the works of really cool artists there. Lucy Ogletree‘s whimsical paintings brought a whole load of color to the event and Nicola Coady‘s paper collage works showed us how patterns and connections are in everything we see and do. It was wonderful also to see painted pictures of African scenery on Elephant dung paper by Two girls and An Elephant. I must say that I have a long way to go to rub shoulders with these fabulous women but was really humbled and grateful to show some of my pieces; jewelry, sculptures and paintings, there as well.

But then, don’t just take my word for it, here are pictures of the awesome day.

All in all, I think it’s wonderful that art is used to make a difference in the lives of children in Sudan. You know, sometimes we feel like art is just to make a house pretty or is strictly a luxury product. But when you see how it affects another’s life in a positive way, it makes it all worth it.

So now, off to make more jewelry and art.

Stay Artsy.

God bless.



You, Me and My society6

Happy new month everyone. Ahhhhh.Finally. Something new to go crazy for. Who doesn’t like new things, huh? That smell of new clothes, a new car, new paint. Also that feeling you get when you finish a project you have been working on or something quick and straight to the point like a painting.


What can I say?  I am as surprised as you are. You paint too, Amsa? Oh yes. I have always enjoyed having paint all over me and looking like I crashed into a rainbow. There is that joy of absolute abandon when painting. That time when  your paint brush becomes an extention of your hands and anything white is in serious danger especially the walls of your rented flat.


Well, my wall has been safe…so far. All that covers it are what I have done lately. And I might have to move to another wall as this one is getting full. But I am happy about that because it shows me that I am making some progress. I am painting more and keeping myself busy. Which is one of the reasons why I opened my Society6 store.

I am new to the game but I want to be able to see people out there enjoy my work and have a piece of it for themselves. So why not? Abi?


So after putting up some of my work on society6, I made an order for one of the carry all pouches I made. I call it Gele beacuse it is a print of the famous headgear that nigerian women wear for events or just for the heck of it. I really like it bacause of the different variations in colors. So I clicked go and waited.


It did take a while for my order to come. About 3 weeks. But this was from production of my carry all pouch to delivery.

And once I saw my pouch, I was totally happy with it and I already have big plans on getting some more things especially totebags. You can never go wrong with tote bags.



So, I invite you to check out my society6 store. I truly hope you find there that you would really like. Let us do our part in making the world more artsy, right? What is also really cool is that from 1st-8th May, 2016, there is free shipping only if you use this link right here:  https://society6.com/amsayaro?promo=4CQBHQKGXPQY



This ends exactly 12am Pacific Time so use it as much as you can.

Well, that’s it from me for this week. Working on some ideas I have that is another mash-up of my jewelry and papermarche skills. Want to know what it is? Well, you have to hold on till next week.

But in the mean time, Stay artsy.

God bless.




Pic 13

DIY: A Simple Boho Bracelet

Hello all. I hope you had a fun weekend and are so ready to end April with a a big bang. I know I am. Phew. It has been full of  activities, projects and so much work on re-re-starting up my business that I am ,right now,  just looking for a nice way to spoil myself.

So, as my plantain and fish were grilling away in the oven, I noticed how empty my hands have been lately. Going through my stash of jewelry, I realised that it has been a long time I have worn any or even made for myself. Being that I make jewelry [apart from the other activities I pursue], I took it as a sign that I needed to focus on myself a bit. And how I did this? Yep, I made a bracelet…and now writing about it (talk about being a workaholic).

Simple bracelet

Well, the bracelet was simple, quick and easy to make. I had my trusty camera with me and took pictures of the steps. Most of the beads I used were already wired for previous pieces so it took about 30 minutes to complete.

The tools and materials you need are:

1 Round Nose plier

1 Wirecutter

1 Bent Nosed pliers

20″ gauge gold wire

24″gauge gold wire

Golden chain

A wonderful mix of different beads, I used 6 to 8 different types, including a paper bead I made, paper-marche style.

A ruler or a measuring tape (my tape was far away but the ruler was close enough)

Eye Rings (made easily with 20″gauge wire)

Jump rings (or you can make jump rings with the 20″ gauge wire)

Endings (You  can easily make endings too with the 20″ gauge wire)

Pict 1

Start off by wiring the beads you have. For some beads, I made the eye ring with the 20″ gauge and passed it through them.

For others, I  made jump rings. I also wrapped one or two beads with the 24″ guage wire as I wanted some to hang and dangle off the bracelet.

Attach the beads together using the eye rings. This is also when you hang the dangling beads as well. I put one dangling bead at each connection to give it variety and some playfullness to it.

Once the beads are connected to each other, attach the golden chain to the chain of beads. This can easily be done by passing the chain through the eye ring at the end of the beaded connection. With the 20″ gauge, I made a hook ending and more jump rings to attach to the chain. Pass a jump ring at one end of the chain where it  would serve as the second half  of the ending. Then  connect the hook itself to the other end of the chain.

And voila. Your chain is finished. It is all in the connecting.

Pic 14

And to make you it easier for you, I have made a DIY picture tutorial that you can easily download or share. Hopefully, the steps are clear enough for anyone to follow. I would love to hear your observations on this. This is my first picture tutorial so let me know.

Boho Simple bracelet


so That’s it. Very simple and straight to the point. I used 41/2″ of the chain for my wrist and it sits comfortably. There is also no trouble in wearing or taking it off.

So enjoy, share, make and I would love to see your version of it too.

Stay artsy.

Stay blessed.


A mother’s Heart is Your’s and Mine

Yesss, Mother’s day. A day that is celebrated over 30 times around the world, depending on what location you find yourself. So.. no matter what you do, you can’t miss a mother’s day. Right, just as it’s happy hour in another part of the world, a mother’s day is close at hand. There is no escaping it. And it’s great. Mothers should have those days, you know. Everytime I sit and think of the crap my mom took from me, I keep wondering why I am alive. Yes, I am that bad. Now, I remember the good times with her and wish she was around…sometimes ;).

Anyway, we all know how hard it is to find a gift for mother’s day that isn’t a repeat of something you got last year. My siblings and I would try to get something different like a day in a spa or a cook book but then, we always seem to revert to safe gifts like Ankara fabric she can sew something with or we make trendy jewellry for her (one of the pros of having us around 🙂 )

This year, all I could do was call her (Let me clarify a bit. Nigerians love mother’s day. Almost every church has their own mother’s day and our moms use them well. So, I called on that mother’s day and I will call for the next one coming up in May…just to be safe). And with that, I thought of what gift I can make that she would like to have. A gift that can have more than one use (and so that I won’t feel bad if it is not used the way I want her to).

WIth a little brainstorming, suggestions from my husband, siblings and cousins, I came up with this.


It is a tiny person carrying a heart. This is a combo of my papier marche skills and jewellry making pizzazz. The heart is a pendant made with papier  marche, wire, beads and nickel free chain. The tiny person is a papier marche stand just for the heart. They can be worn or they can take up more space on your momsi’s mantlepiece or office desk (they just love showing off how much we love them, don’t they?)

This represents two things for me. When the heart is one the stand, it represents how we, the children, the minions and mini-mes, always have our mother’s heart with us. It doesn’t matter how many kids she has, we all have it. It was one the reasons why  each heart has different colors, different beads, wiring and isn’t smooth.









The roughness shows the beauty of their journey. Those days when they thought they couldn’t handle it, when they thought they were bad for us, when they compared themselves to other moms and all, not knowing that that’s what helps us have a strong grip to them and  also makes them interesting. The holes are for those times that we break their hearts with decisions we have made for ourselves ( bad choice of partners, being rude, no need to listening to them, we all have cringe moments). I used gold wires here to show that even bad choices can help get us on the right path to life, make us learn from our mistakes and give our moms a chance to be proud of us, which are represented by the embellishments of beads and wire.

The second meaning behind this is when moms wear the necklace. This time, the heart represents our hearts. The good days, the tears, the moments that we were proud of ourselves and who we have become. it is a testament to their presence in our lives and we want to share it with them. Also, that our hearts are safe with our mothers.

The prep for this project was straight forward. I have most of the materials in my house. It took me about 3 weeks to make 20 pieces of both the heart and stand.

DSC_0103 DSC_0104 IMG_3874

I must confess, sometimes I thought the idea wouldn’t go well. I tend to doubt myself  lot. Which is why I always push through and finish a project no matter how long it takes me to. It gives me a sense IMG_3905of accomplishment. Even though there may be parts and changes I would like to make, I can tell myself that I achieved a goal I set for myself.




I cut up wire and made those little fellows (I had a little fun posing them like boy band boys). This  was fun. But I made variations in the cuts as I wanted to make both male and female stands. Then I beefed them up a bit and covered them each with papier marche paste and paper. I used normal A4 waste paper bacuse I wasn’t sure yet what color I wanted them to be and using plain white paper reduced  seeing writings through the paint like you might with newspaper. I ended up just going with black cos it looks really shiny once it’s varnished :D.

After drying, painting and varnishing, I have these products. I am proud of them. They turned out better than I had hoped. And now, they are just waiting to represent you to your mother. 🙂









God Bless.

Stay Artsy.

P.S : If you are interested in one, please note that I can, so far, just cover Canada and US for now due to how close Mother’s day is, May 8th (Canadian) but hey, if yours is one of the remaining 30 this year, let me know. And it doesn’t have to be only for mother’s day. We can work out something 😉 😉



Online Art Tutorial Spots That Will Make You Go Giddy…

Hello everyone. It has been a pleasant year so far although spring seems to be running away from us here in Canada (I wonder why). But then again, who would blame spring with winter always gatecrashing this party.
Well, while spring and winter have been arguing, I have been busy…it is one of the resons why I haven’t  been posting blogs as much. I have been thrown myself into the world of free information. Oh yeah, there is a lot of inforamtion out there, you just need to know what you are looking for or have an idea of it, atleast. I have been in search of art tutorials which would help me refine my style (which I am still searching for) and this has taken me to into the virtual world and was able to find some fabulous blogs, websites and Youtube accounts that I enjoy learning from and I would like to share them with you all.
Now, in the past blogs, I have expressed how much I enjoy papiermarche. It’s easy to make, you can easily find materials without having to break any bank, (that’s the best part for me) and also, how I can achieve alot easily with this meduim because of how versatile it is.
My first point of call is the ultimatepapermarche. It was created by Jonni Good, a fabulous paper-marche artist and  author of many paper marche training books. She is also very helpful in answering questions that any one might have and the website is more like a community of artists, from beginners to professionals, all are welcomed. You can check it out and see what it is all about. She also has a youtube channel as well and you can get to see many videos of her critters, her pieces and the process from start to finish of a piece.
A youtube channel that I enjoy also is Belinda Del Pesco’s channel. She is a wonderful artist and most of her videos are watercolor painting and printmaking tutorials. She does a great  job in demystifying the process for a newbie like me. She has a lovely blog with many of her works, where they are available and upcoming exhibits.
Another youtuber that I click easily on is Her Art From The Attic. Amy Pearce is a beautiful lady at heart. She believes in sharing and she does that wonderfully with her painting tutorials, music, tips and advice and also sweet videos that feature her kids. She was actually one of the first channels I found that had videos that really helped me. Her tutorials are easy going and anyone can produce fantastic pieces that would make them feel good about themselves, the work they have done and build confidence in their creative side. She just finished “March Madness” where she gave out loads of art supplies and put up tutorials almost everyday. She almost has live streaming as well so it would great if you want to follow along with a project and have access to her while you at it.
As I said earlier, free information is what I love the most and there are many websites that offer you access to them easily and one is Creative liveCreative Live offers a range of classes  to all interested. They have courses that you can pay for to get the whole package. But they also broadcast many of their classes for free. I got to “attend”  many classes like how to make paper crafts from Robert Mahar, how to design posters and artwork with substance by James Victore, how to have a successful blog by April Bowles-Olin and so much more. These are just some of the courses they have that I am interested in but they offer a whole lot more that include photography, digital design, music and recording, etc.
A good place to also look for classes and courses is Skillshare (it is always silkshare in my head. Why? I dont know). Just like Creative Live, you can find amazing classes there. Some are free but most are paid for. There are printmaking lessons, repeat design patterns lessons, watercolor tutorials, how to make an app and so much more.
 So, these are some of the places I go to for research, solace, inspiration and a butt kick. I hope you check them out too. They all really helped me in finding my way through murky waters and gave me hope that I can walk this path. Or just go out there and search. Sometimes, you don’t know what you are looking for but you might have an idea about it. Go with it. Trust it. It will lead you down the path and who knows, you may end up being so good at it that I may just find your blog or channel as an inspiration one day.
Stay artsy..
P.S: Did you notice? I changed the look here. It really does feel springy, doesn’t it? New feel, new vibes, good stuff.

Tree on a Bottle…

Ahhh. I am finally sitting in front of the laptop, ready to dish out about how I made this tree…and the words are just not coming out. So, I think this is going to be one of my shortest posts. But it will be full of pictures. The pictures would show how I moved to create the tree. I was trying this out for a concept i thought of: Trees of Life. Basically to make different trees that are considered highly valuable in any society or environment it is in. Like the Moringa Tree, The Coconut Tree, The Baobab Tree and much more.

OK, this is the first tree so bear with me. I still haven’t finished it yet, just the leaves left. It resembles a Neem tree, which is why I gave an African village theme underneath. The Sun and huts are from paper clay while the tree itself is from 20″ gauge wire, masking tape and papier mache.

20 gauge wires, about 15 of them. Each length at 15

20 gauge wires, about 15 of them. Each length at 15″

Twisted into mini branches with 2 to 3 wires in each twist

Twisted into mini branches with 2 to 3 wires in each twist

Notice the wire inside the bottle? this served as an anchor to keep the tree in place while.

Notice the wire inside the bottle? this served as an anchor to keep the tree in place.

twist all the wires together but remember to leave wires at the bottom that would serve as the roots. Also make sure you twist the Anchor wire into the tree trunk too

twist all the wires together but remember to leave wires at the bottom that would serve as the roots. Also make sure you twist the Anchor wire into the tree trunk too.

This is what mine looked like from the bottom.

This is what mine looked like from the bottom.

The roots. This really helped in keeping the tree firm.

The roots. This really helped in keeping the tree firm and well anchored.

Taping begins

Taping begins

Treeing looking good so far

Tree looking good so far

Added foil paper to beef up the bottom and give it a more filling look.

Added foil paper to beef up the bottom and give it a more filling look.

From below

From below. The shape really came out well.

Finished taped up tree

Finished taped up tree

I also padded the branches and corners as well with foil paper to make them look stronger.

I also padded the branches and corners as well with foil paper to make them look stronger.

Layers of papier mache added all over

Layers of papier mache added all over

Yep, covered all parts just to make sure.

Yep, covered all parts just to make sure.

Gave it a coat of homemade gesso and let it dry.

Gave it a coat of homemade gesso and let it dry.

These are the different colors and paints I used. It was a mix of water color and acrylic.

These are the different colors and paints I used. It was a mix of water color and acrylic.

Recipe for the gesso can be found on Ultimatepapiermache.com

…And done.


The huts and the sun are from paper clay. I used a toothpick to ruffle up the grass roof to give it a real feel.

The huts and the sun are from paper clay. I used a toothpick to pick out the grass roof to give it a rough feel.

IMG_2783    As I said earlier, I haven’t finished yet because I would still like to give it leaves. But I really wanted to bring out the roots of the tree. I may add some more details like wildlife around so that if you look round the bottle, every part would have something interesting. Will upload more pictures on the updates

So yeah, let me know what you think of it. Thanks and God bless…